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Cosey up safely with Joeyband

The Joeyband product is designed to prevent infant falls and facilitate kangaroo care in the hospital. Our patented design ensures quick and easy closure while delivering a snug fit every time.

Joeyband is the only product suitable for use in the O.R. (belt is placed open on the table, under moms chest; once baby is placed on mom, Joeyband is wrapped and secured above the incision with closure to the side - the need for additional hands to hold baby on mom is eliminated).

Joeyband is available for birth professionals with design modified from our retail product. Based on NICU feedback, this version is available in black, without a pocket, and size tagged for quick assessment. This product comes poly-bagged or bulk packed for easy access.

  • In the Operating Theatre
    • For C-sections to promote skin-to-skin care during the golden hour
    • To prevent newborn falls post C-section during initial skin to skin
  • In the NICU for Kangaroo Mother Care
  • Maternity Wards
    • Labor and Delivery (which is all the non-c section babies; 65% of births) for immediate skin-to-skin during the golden hour
  • To prevent newborn falls
    • Post-Partum, rooming-in; prevent falls which occur most often from 1am to 9am
  • Transport
    • Keep baby secure and supports uninterrupted skin-to-skin when transporting from O.R. to recovery and to postpartum unit
  • Breastfeeding Clinics
  • Co-nursing multiples
  • Transition to home to continue to keep baby safe

Joeyband Videos

AWHONN_joeyband by SleepBelt

C-Section Training Video

Hospital Video 2

joeyband by SleepBelt


Post Partum Training Video

Joeyband Ordering Information

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