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Bilitron 3006

Bilitron 3006

The new light of life

The Fanem BILITRON® 3006 is the 7th generation of phototherapy in the world market, which uses a module with only five Super LED lamps with high irradiance intensity in the blue spectrum, and a different physical and chemical composition than conventional LEDs. It is lightweight and compact in size and eliminates the effects of exposure to infrared, such as erythema and insensible water loss.

The Fanem Bilitron 3006 easily helps clinicians to comply with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics Subcommittee on Hyperbilirubinemia1, when Íntensive phototherapy treatment is necessary. Intensive phototherapy implies the use of high levels of irradiance in the 430- to 490-nm band (usually 30 W/cm2 per nm or higher) delivered to as much of the infant’s surface area as possible.

Bilitron® The new light of life

Bilitron 3006

  • First phototherapy equipment with reduced dimensions
  • High level of radiation in the middle and edges of the focused area 45-65 µW/cm2.nm at 30cm height
  • Low power consumption
  • Phototherapy based on the high technology of blue spectrum as radiation source
  • Membrane keyboard and microprocessor system to control several functions
  • Adjustable irradiation intensity control as required by clinical user in increments of 10% output
  • Date display
  • Display exhibiting the total hours of the LED module use
  • Display exhibiting the total hours of patient treatment
  • Memory system for irradiation, manually or automatically measured (each hour) enabling report issuance
  • RS 232 port to printer or computer
  • Easy access to the source module to replace the module
  • A radiometer equipped with optical probe can be fitted in (optional);
  • Optional items to position device on movable stand,;flexible arm for open warmer or rubber suction feet to position above incubator

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