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Bilitron Sky 5006

Bilitron Sky 5006


The Bilitron Family brings the most advanced and efficient Super LEDs technology for the neonatal hyperbilirubinemia treatment, since 2004. After the success of Bilitron 3006, a compact phototherapy for babies with a smaller body surface area, and Bilitron Bed 4006, a reflective and reflexive phototherapy, Fanem presents Bilitron Sky 5006 for babies with a larger body surface area.

Bilitron Sky 5006 is a microprocessed electronic phototherapy, compact and with radiance in the blue light spectrum.Such characteristics allow a reduction of the treatment time and multiply the useful life of the light source. In addition, it is more compact and efficient than the traditional fluorescent light. Indeed, very economical equipment.

Bilitron Sky 5006

  • 3 emitting sources with five super LEDs each (15) angled to cover a larger treatment area
  • High irradiance output 45-65 µW/cm² nm at 30 cm distance
  • Average life of each source module 20,000 hrs
  • Equipped with auxilliary white LEDs for better clinical observation of the baby
  • Adjustable irradiance levels for different patient sizes
  • Versions available with suction FEET for use on top of an incubator, or a swiveable pedestal mounted version
  • Display screen for treatment time , total hours of use , date/time and irradiance level with optional radiometer probe. Data output capable

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