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Calypso-to-go Double Electric Breastpump

Calypso-to-go Double Electric Breastpump

Double Electric Breastpump On The Go

The Calypso-to-go Double Electric Breastpump provides the ultimate package for breastfeeding mums, ensuring complete mobility and equipping mums for all expressing needs whilst at home or out and about.

This ultimate kit comes complete with an attractive and practical breastfeeding shoulder bag with handy pram attachments. Store your precious breastmilk with the useful cool bag and cooling elements. A very useful extra in the Calypso-to-go is the Kombikit which converts the pumpset into a manual Amaryll breastpump.

This breastpump is a powerful yet quiet gentle breastpump offering individual flexibility to meet mums expressing needs. The Calypso breastpump is compact and easy to use featuring 64 combinations of settings for the adjustment of cycle and vacuum. Settings can be adjusted independently whilst pumping, allowing for very sensitive adjustments during stimulation and expressing. Mains or battery operated.

The ‘Vacuum Seal’ technology in all Ardo Pumpsets provides a 100% barrier against bacteria and ensures that no breastmilk or impurities can enter the connecting tube or pump. This provides reliable protection against contamination of the breastmilk and prevents infection.

All Ardo breastfeeding products are manufactured in Switzerland from materials that are free from Bisphenol A.


Calypso is the Silent Test Winner

The Calypso – either the double or single pump version – is the quietest of all tested electric breastpumps. In comparison with many other commercially available pumps, it is only perceived to be half as loud, but it is still powerful.


  • Quietest breastpump on the market*
  • Mumsnet Best Awarded for last 4 years
  • NHS approved supplier
  • Individually adjustable settings for vacuum and cycle (speed and suction)
  • Vacuum Seal technology gives 100% protection and prevents contamination of pump or milk
  • Provided with selection of accessories, breast shell sizes and soft massage insert
  • Double or single express as desired
  • Endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association
  • What's in the box?

    Calypso breastpump unit

    • Calypso breastpump unit
    • 2 x pumpsets with 26mm breastshells
    • 2 x 31mm breastshells
    • 2 x 28mm breastshell inserts (fits in 31mm breastshell)
    • 2 x 26mm Optiflow (fits in 31mm breastshell)
    • Breastfeeding Bag
    • Cool Bag with cooling elements
    • 6 x bottles
    • Calypso and pumpset bags
    • Kombikit (converts pumpset into Amaryll manual breastpump)
    • Brush for cleaning
    • Bottle holder
    • Mains adapter
    • Instruction manual

    Accessories and Spare Parts

    Ardo cares about you and your baby while you are breastfeeding. Ardo breastpumps and breastfeeding accessories provide everything you need to express precious breast milk.

    Ardo Accessories & Parts

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    Calypso-to-go Videos

    How to use Calypso electronic breastpump

    Calypso-to-go Testimonials

    I was recommended this product by a breast feeding consultant

    I was recommended this product by a breast feeding consultant and am very pleased with this pump. It's quiet and seems to help me get a lot of breast milk. The unit also comes with different sized nipple units and a soft cup option which I really like.

    - Online customer |

    It's very quiet, and the bag is excellent

    I debated endlessly about which pump to use, but I knew I wanted one with a closed system. After looking at others I went with this one, and I'm really happy I did. It's very quiet, and the bag is excellent - not the easiest to carry on one arm, but it's perfect to take all the required stuff to work. I like that it comes with bag for the milk and the freezer packs. I have found 4 bottles are sufficient for me for one day at work, and I can put the pump sets in a ziploc bag and it all fits in the insulated bag. I just leave that in my work fridge, and I don't worry that anyone will mistake my milk for regular milk for their tea! When I first got the pump, the pump set didn't fit me at all. I was very worried, but I talked to Ardo and ordered a smaller insert for the pump. Once I had that, it's been great. I can regularly get 5-8 ounces per pumping session. I ordered replacement valves after about 3-4 months of heavy use, as my production per session with just the pump had dipped so I had to hand express more at the end of each session. With the new valves, I'm back to getting as much with the pump. The shipping seemed expensive to me, but it was next day courier delivery, so I understood why it was so much. Overall, I am delighted with this product!

    - J Young |

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