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Pelican PELIspec® Vaginal Speculum Range

Pelican PELIspec® Vaginal Speculum Range

”Strong but flexible design, engineered with safety in mind.”

Pelican Feminine Healthcare's dedication to product quality has ensured that the market leading PELIspec® has been the preferred disposable vaginal speculum of choice for clinicians for over 20 years.

“Fail-SAFE” points are uniquely incorporated into the PELIspec® design, ensuring that in the event of ‘Vaginismus’ or other unanticipated stress the device will flex and break safely outside the vagina.

Pelican Feminine Healthcare is committed to promoting awareness of cervical cancer and continues to donate 5p from every box of PELIspec® vaginal speculum sold, to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust - the only UK charity dedicated to women and their families affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities. We have now donated over £40,000 to support this vital cause.

Product Features

  • Proven strength with built-in 'Fail-Safe' points
  • Crystal clear for maximum visibility
  • Textured handles for enhanced grip
  • BPA and Latex free
  • Unique product identification number for traceability
  • Manufactured in the UK


PELIspec® Vaginal Speculum

The market leading PELIspec® is a strong, sterile, disposable vaginal speculum, available in 5 sizes. Selected sizes are also available without the locking mechanism.

PELIspec® can be used for gynaecological procedures, including cervical screening, IUD fittings and vaginal examinations.


PELIspec® Pro-Wall

The PELIspec® Pro-Wall is the ‘Professional’ solution specially designed for use in cases of anterior vaginal wall laxity.

Based on the market leading PELIspec® vaginal speculum, the device features a latex-free sheath configured to efficiently secure an unobstructed view of the cervical anatomy to ensure maximum visibility during the procedure.


PELIspec® with Smoke Extractor

The PELIspec® with Smoke Extractor is specially designed for use during loop diathermy procedures.

Based on the market leading PELIspec® vaginal speculum, the device features a built-in extraction tube configured to efficiently remove smoke produced during the procedure.

The PELIspec® with Smoke Extractor is deliberately manufactured in white to best reflect light and ensure maximum visibility.


PELIspec® with Light Source

Based on the market leading PELIspec® vaginal speculum, the unique PELIspec® with Light Source features a built-in light source attachment configured to provide effective directional light for maximum visibility during gynaecological procedures.

Available in a ‘Starter pack’ - containing 2 x PELIspec® (1 x Medium, 1 x Medium Long), 2 x Reusable Light Source Leads, 2 x plastic lead covers, 1 x Re-usable Battery Pack.


PELIspec® Sims Speculum

The PELIspec® Sims Speculum is commonly used for inspection of the vaginal walls and can be used as an alternative to the traditional Cusco design.

The design and shape of the PELIspec® Sims Speculum is characterised by its two right-angled bends and differing sized ends.

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