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STAN S41 Fetal Monitor

STAN S41 Fetal Monitor

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The all-new STAN S41

JBMS are now launching the brand-new Neoventa STAN S41 – a complete, compact and portable CTG with integrated Fetal ST Analysis and Telemetry. Plus, you can view and interpret all information directly on the large colour screen, as it appears. With all the features you expect from a CTG device, STAN S41 also comes with external monitoring of maternal parameters as standard. Its flexible design supports many different configurations, and as a bonus has a choice of Krebs, Fischer, NST or CST algorithms available. The S41 has triplets monitoring capability with advanced signal overlap verification.

Build the STAN S41 that suits your needs.
You can choose among the following options:

  • Large coloured touch screen with three formats including night mode
  • Internal FHR monitoring using scalp electrode
  • ST Analysis of the fetal ECG via the scalp electrode
  • Internal uterine activity monitoring using IUP catheter
  • Integrated telemetry monitoring for ease of use and portability
  • Quick release from trolley and wall mount for portability
  • Battery-powered operation for monitoring during transport
  • Triplet ultrasound FHR
  • 800h data storage
  • Data output compatible to Philips M1350 Protocol via an RS232 Output
  • The unit is immediately compatible with the K2 Medical Systems CMS

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