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traxi Panniculus Retractor

traxi Panniculus Retractor

Don’t let folds interfere with your surgical site

traxi® Panniculus Retractor is a retraction device used for predictable, reliable retraction of the panniculus during surgical procedures. traxi retracts and holds the panniculus for the duration of the operation, freeing the surgeon’s hands and those of the staff to better care for the patient.


Without traxi

Difficult to locate or access surgical site

With traxi

Fully exposed surgical site

traxi Panniculus Retractor quickly and easily retracts the panniculus which oftentimes complicates abdominal procedures, specifically cesarean sections.

  • Reduce OR Time
  • Reduce Staff Involvement
  • Improve Skin to Skin
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduce Staff Injury
  • Eliminate Surgical Tape
  • Eliminate Towel Clamps
  • Eliminate the Resident Holding
  • Free Hands for Operation
  • No More Inhumane Methods

Patient Dignity

Whether they are coming in for a C-section on their special day or another abdominal procedure, help make their day a little more special. Traxi is less humiliating than tape or straps and with reduced prep time and clinician involvement, your high BMI patients will think this is a normal part of any procedure. Application and removal are both quick and easy and will not damage your patient’s skin.

traxi FAQs

Can I use Alexis-O® or Mobius® incision site retractors with traxi?

Yes. There is no reason you could not use both an internal and external retractor. However, we feel the retraction a correctly applied traxi provides will clearly expose the surgical site and may eliminate the need for indwelling retractors.

How do I apply traxi?

Step by step instruction for proper application can be found HERE. If you need further assistance please contact Customer Service at +61 7 3862 2000.

How long can I leave traxi on a patient?

According to the package insert, traxi can remain on a patient for up to 24 hours. However, if you plan to leave the device in place after a procedure, it is important you clean the patient’s skin according to your hospital protocol.

Is traxi applied as a sterile product?

Depending on what you currently use to retract the panniculus, it is likely not sterile. However, traxi is supplied sterile and can be applied aseptically. If you want to prep the patient before applying the device to ensure a sterile field, traxi can be applied once the prep is completely dry. Tape, straps, clips, etc. are typically not sterile and traxi can also be used in the same exact way as these. Applied to the patient and then prepped over the top.

traxi Videos

Traxi 1: Non-Sterile Application

Traxi 2: Sterile Application

Traxi 3: Extender Application

Traxi 4: Removing traxi

traxi Testimonials

The Perfect Solution!

“The Traxi Panniculus Retractor is as perfect a solution to the pannus problem as I have ever tried. This product is a winner . . . a big-time winner.”

- James Greenberg, MD | Chief, Division of Gynecology

traxi Ordering Information

Product Description Quantity Part Number
Traxi Panniculus RetractSystem Quickly and effectively retract the panniculus for better access during surgical procedures. 10/box PRS-1030
Traxi Extender Traxi Panniculus Retractor-Extender 5/box PRS-0550

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